Warning for everyone thinking of buying anything from Core Designs (former Titan). Don't purchase anything by sending cash directly to them.
First thing is - they most probably don't have long advertised product on stock as is typical for them
Second - once they have your money and even once had the product you wanted - now it would be most probably sold out and you will never get your money back
That's my personal experience where I lost 90 pounds trying to get them back for more than one and a half year.
I don't trust them anymore. We might count all the products they advertised and were never reliesed:
     Apex alpha
     Apex audio
     Nemesis (sold out without refund of cash)
     and Tempest will be the next

We would like this news to be spread amongst Atari community having simmilar problems with CORE Designs.

Juraj Skladany

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